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Chocolate and the World of Cadbury

Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar Cadbury Doubledecker chocolate bar

Chocolate is much-loved around the world by younger and older people. Waylink presents a series of English learning and practice exercises based on the theme of chocolate, its origins and modern consumption. Although chocolate provides pleasure and sustenance to millions of people every day, chocolate is also associated with wider social issues. The Cadbury chocolate company based in Birmingham now has major production facilities and worldwide brand names. Less well-known is that the Cadbury family were leading benefactors and supporters of active social policies that provided better housing and working conditions for their workers. On the other hand, the working conditions for the workers in poorer countries who grow the cocoa beans are often a cause for social concern, even today.

The reading passages, exercises and activities on the next few pages provide valuable English learning and practice materials set within the theme of chocolate.


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