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Vocabulary Activity

Read the article and then use words from the article to complete the sentences below.

1. There is a healthy in favour of the change in the rules.

2. The day that the phone call was made across the Atlantic was a occasion.

3. Students are from some of the taxes that they will have to pay once they graduate.

4. The student leaders were over what to do about the rise in student fees. Some wanted to demonstrate while others wanted to refuse to attend classes.

5. Some people have said that the first few weeks after the invasion of Iraq were a and this was one of the main causes of the problems that followed.

6. The collapse of his business and the departure of his girlfriend was a that he found difficult to recover from.

7. Governments that are regarded as very will find it very difficult to obtain loans and grants from international institutions.

8. There has been a on hunting whales from some years because some species are still hunted by Norway, Japan and Russia.

9. The prime minister was accused of undermining some by lengthening the time that suspects could be held in jail.

10. It's difficult to what will happen in the future but most people believe that life will change significantly as a result of global warming.

11. Parliamentary are often believed to be little more than lobby fodder and to have very little power or influence.