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Thematic teaching: Cadbury and Chocolate

These pages contain teaching materials and suggested classroom activities on the theme of the Cadbury family and chocolate at various levels of difficulty.

The teachers' notes are provided in this this section and the related short passages and English exercises are in the 'Thematic learning: Chocolate' pages in the student section.

Cadbury and Chocolate

  • Possible speaking activities
    • talk about favourite chocolate
    • decide if there are differences in styles of chocolate around the world
    • discuss decisions taken by the Cadburys
    • discuss issue of child labour in the past and today
    • discuss fair trade issues
    • invite a Quaker to class for talk/interview/ discussion
  • Possible listening activities
    • listen to taped passage and replace missing words in text
    • listen to dialogues for opinions
    • listen and re-order events
  • Possible reading activities:
    • discuss title of passage
    • predict content of passage from title
    • list 5 questions that the reader would like answered in the text
    • teach examples of important new vocabulary
    • skim for general focus of the text
    • scan for specific information
    • match words and explanations
    • find similes
    • look for cohesive devices in text (linking words/expressions)
    • re-order sentences
    • re-order paragraphs
    • look for examples of metaphor
    • look for adj + noun expressions (humble beginnings/confectionary shop, marketing campaign/leading trader/hard times etc) etc)
    • consider use of tenses
  • Possible writing activities
    • provide correct verb form
    • re-write a section of text from main points
    • re-order sentences
    • re-order paragraphs
    • write more freely - e.g. why I like/don't like chocolate
    • write to Cadburys or another company re their trading policies
    • send emails to companies re their trading policies
    • sentence completion
    • sentence linking
  • General activities
    • visit Cadbury World in Birmingham, UK or their website
    • visit Cadbury Hall or research information about it
    • find Bridge Street on a map and see what it's like today
    • look at other web sites related to Cadburys
    • investigate Quaker links
    • go to a Quaker meeting
    • if possible, interview people living in Bournville today
    • discuss enlightened employment policy adopted by the Cadburys
    • find out more information on Cadbury-Schweppes today
    • if possible, take photographs of Bournville and write descriptions


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